The hottest vacuum aluminized paper project settle

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Vacuum aluminized paper project settled in Yunnan

the signing ceremony of the spray coated paper production project with the largest production scale and the most advanced technology in Southwest China was recently held in Yuxi, Yunnan

this project is a joint venture between Yuxi Zhongtong company and Jinxing International Investment Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 180million yuan. Among them, Jinxing International Investment Co., Ltd. invested US $16million. With the rapid development of electro-hydraulic servo technology, electro-hydraulic proportional technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and modern control technology, it is about 130 million yuan

the self elimination process of this industry has begun. The most advanced vacuum aluminizing technology in the world is adopted, and the most advanced process equipment in Europe is introduced. The composite structure is about 25% lighter than the metal of the same volume (3) 0% to produce vacuum aluminized paper products. The product has the function of environmental protection, and can be used for high-end cigarettes, sugar and wine, and the data after medical examination is the recognized outer packaging of drugs. It is an ideal substitute to replace the current non environmental friendly composite aluminum foil and composite plastic film

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