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V2 video conference creates a different online conference

ctiforum news on August 17 (Jia Er): in shopping malls, the most important thing for business negotiations is the atmosphere. The environment should not be too casual, which is easy to make the other party feel ignored; Of course, it can't be too noisy. Communication basically depends on roaring boundaries, which is obviously not suitable for talking. In addition, it's better to have a little delicate, delicious coffee or tea as an auxiliary tool. Under such premise, we can discuss and negotiate, not to mention what can be negotiated. At least, mentally, we can regenerate a large number of kinds of pleasure

recently, a company has held two meetings, one in an ordinary conference room and the other using V2 video conference for remote communication. In the ordinary conference room, most of the participants showed nervousness. The president who spoke gave the impression that he was rigorous, serious and not good at talking and laughing. In the remote conference using V2 video conference, when the author boarded the V2 video conference remote conference room, a burst of hearty laughter immediately attracted the author's attention. The vice president of this car gave people the first feeling of being serious and rigorous, but not losing the spirit of kindness, and the atmosphere of business negotiation was also very relaxed and pleasant. Two different meeting rooms, two different negotiation styles; One company, two different ways of working; Two leaders, two different working styles, this cold and hot different style, left a very deep impression on the author. There are two different negotiation styles. There is no so-called good or bad, and the existence is reasonable. After voting, most people still like the relaxed, happy and joyful atmosphere of using V2 video conference to hold meetings

v and the plans of various automobile factories. 2 video conference is a software video conference application system that supports people to exchange real-time information and carry out collaborative work from a long distance through real-time audio, video and other multimedia means through the network platform. V2 video conference transmits video and audio information in real time, so that cooperative members can have intuitive and real video and audio communication from a long distance. On the other hand, using the support of multimedia video conference technology of V2 video conference can help users process all kinds of information in work, such as video conference shared data, shared applications, etc., so as to construct a video conference workspace shared by many people

v2 video conference, as a mainstream video conference software product in China's local market, has strong audio and video processing capabilities, supports various audio and video protocols such as H.264, and can be seamlessly connected with most mainstream video conference software terminals in the current market. Users can choose the appropriate audio and video protocol according to the actual situation. V2 video conference terminal adopts the industry's advanced H.264 coding method, supports H.263 4cif high-quality video image display, and can provide high-definition image quality for video conference users to realize high-definition V2 video conference. And V2 video conference has rich functions, including camera remote control, multicast, TV wall, multi group conference concurrency, high-capacity video conference, etc. users can choose appropriate modules according to their own needs to build a complete V2 video conference platform. V2 video conference data application tools such as electronic whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, document transmission, etc. are also available. Users can use them to meet their different needs, such as V2 video conference remote recruitment, V2 video conference remote training, V2 video conference remote consultation, etc

V2 video conference, which has obtained a number of patented technologies and honors, uses the most advanced commercial coding technology H.264 to easily realize 1080p and 720p high-definition audio and video interaction under ultra narrow bandwidth. At the same time, patents such as anti packet loss and stable audio and video algorithm of V2 video conference can also ensure the clarity, continuity and stability of HD conference. V2 video conference also provides the option to join the video conference through 3G and WiFi. In addition, V2 video conference can also support 3G multimedia mobile terminals, such as IOS, Android, Xiaomi and other systems. Mobile intelligent terminals can participate in conference training and many other communication applications, so that customers can easily participate in the conference, whether outdoors or in cafes. With the deepening of 4G network construction and faster speed as the foundation, V2 video conference will be more deeply rooted in the video conference market

v2 video conference has the communication effect comparable to the actual meeting communication. It is based on the ordinary internet3gwifi network to hold meetings, data transmission, collaborative office, product display, cooperative negotiation, and its collaborative office ability, system stability, security and other comprehensive equipment is the production company, construction unit The product quality supervision and Inspection Institute and the building materials product inspection have some other necessary testing equipment, and their performance can meet all applications. Through the electronic whiteboard provided by V2 video conference, image communication, document sharing, document, streaming media viewing, page synchronization, as well as work log, internal message notification, memo and other office management functions can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce the waste of paper and printing materials, and reduce the occurrence of office waste

many enterprises said that V2 video conference can enable enterprises to explore new areas of cooperation in a friendly and active atmosphere, and further promote business negotiations and technical exchanges. At present, more than 6000 companies such as Coca Cola, Ge, Wal Mart, DHL, China Mobile, Chinatelecom, Vodafone, PCCW, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, the people's Bank of China, Pepsi Cola, Lenovo Group, sun, Chia Tai Group, PetroChina, etc. have established multi-dimensional communication platforms using V2 video conferencing, and more than 70% of meetings and collaboration projects can be completed on the platform

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