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Vacon successfully acquired TB wood company in the United States. Vacon has completed the acquisition of tbwood's AC drive business. This acquisition began on December 19, 2007. After the completion of this acquisition, the business department will be merged into Viking and unified financial accounting will be carried out from January 2008. From 2008 to 2009, the acquisition will not affect the income per share of Viking group. After the 18 month transition period, the original tbwood inverter will use the Vacon trademark

wood has developed in the electronic field for 40 years. Its main markets are North America, India and Germany, with a business volume of nearly $40million in 2006. The TB certificate must indicate the following information. Wood has manufacturing plants in the United States, India and Italy, and has research and development institutions in the United States and Italy, with about 160 employees

tbwood has rich experience and mature technology in the field of R & D and manufacturing of AC drive products with high protection grade. This material can be used in any kind of household flexible PVC products. Its IP66 frequency converter can meet the application needs of various harsh working conditions. While having standardized general-purpose products, tbwood can also provide customized products and solutions according to OEM and end-user requirements

previously, Vacon and tbwood had cooperated for more than 10 years, and tbwood had become the authorized service center of Vacon in North America many years ago. Through this acquisition, Vacon will make full use of tbwood's existing products and their R & D, service and customer support capabilities, including many detailed segmentation products, so as to more comprehensively meet the application needs of users in various industries around the world

vacon president and ceovesalaisi said: "Strengthening our position in the global market is the cornerstone of Vacon's strategic objectives. Because the experimental results made by both parties will be biased or invalid, the company has strong complementarity in products and customer resources, and this acquisition will greatly enhance Vacon's growth potential and market position. Tbwood specializes in AC drivers that can meet the requirements of harsh environment applications, and has deep attainments in AC drive products and applications. It has business units in the United States, Europe and Asia. At the same time, we also see the bright prospect of the cooperation between the two sides in terms of R & D and supplier network construction. "

vacon's merger and acquisition of tbwood will help both sides complement each other's advantages, make full use of each other's customers and market resources, and realize truly global operation. According to internal forecasts, this acquisition will bring Vacon a market growth of $300million. At the same time, users will also get better products and technical support services from Vacon in the future

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