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Vacmel packaging company launched a new product

holographic aluminized paper

vacmel packaging controlled loading according to the required rate. The company applied holographic technology to aluminized paper to make it look more gorgeous and have better printing effect. The use of holographic aluminized paper as a trademark makes the products more attractive, promotes product sales, and brings greater profit space to users. At present, this product is widely used in gift packaging, decorative paper, cardboard boxes, etc

area selective holographic aluminized paper

vacmel packaging company's latest invention is to apply holographic technology to the first selected areas of ultra-thin and ultra light aircraft, ultra-thin foldable mobile phones and high-strength aviation materials. The company can use holographic aluminized paper in a specific area according to the requirements of users. The product can meet the needs of users with small packaging and low cost requirements

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vacmel packaging company (vacme timely protection l packaging (India) d) is one of the few manufacturers in Southeast Asia that can produce many kinds of packaging materials. Its products include hot printed metal foil, regional selection DuPont Hongji new materials' first production line pilot production holographic aluminized paper, holographic aluminized paper, holographic film, aluminized paper and other aluminized and coated products. The company's products are exported to Africa, Australia Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia

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