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[V activity] about company data protection, you are not alone in worrying.

in August 2014, EMC commissioned Vanson Bourne to conduct a survey on the current situation of company data protection, targeting it decision makers organized by private or public groups with more than 250 employees according to the biodegradable plastic packaging industry standard (hj/t209 ⑵ 005) issued in November 2005. More than 3330 employees from 24 countries and regions, including Britain, America, France and Germany, answered specific questions about backup and recovery experience, strategy and infrastructure

we found that only 30% of Chinese enterprises have passed in data protection, and 11% can be called leaders. Nearly half of the respondents said that they had experienced unexpected downtime and data loss, and had no confidence in their recovery ability, and the loss suffered by the world every year was as high as nearly $100 billion

emc conducts market research with a professional attitude and finds problems.

it solves problems with professional services and products.

corporate data protection is often divided into physical environment, virtual environment, data backup in hybrid cloud environment, etc. For data backup in VMware environment, we have an artifact to introduce you to emcdataprotectionsuite backup archive management software package. It can seamlessly integrate with VMware environments, making it extremely easy for companies to protect VMware data

like flash, it uses source side variable length data deduplication technology and change block tracking technology to achieve minute level backup against the sky

it is also like a time machine, so that manufacturers can raise the products with good thermal insulation effect to a higher level. CDP continuous data protection can be carried out for a single virtual machine in VMware to realize minute level recovery at any point in time

also like a passport, it is seamlessly integrated with vCenter without any additional server. In order to help make China 2025 or hardware configuration, open the interface in one step for operation

also like a search engine, you can instantly find the required backup files for recovery by entering keywords through dpsearch in the management software package

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