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Vacuum packaging can not guarantee the safety of food packages. Injectable ceramics, degradable fixing materials, new low modulus titanium alloy preparation technology; Bone repair materials such as medical magnesium alloy, spinal repair materials, functional bionic artificial joints, surface biological functionalized artificial joints and their preparation technology; New breakthroughs need to be made in the preparation technology of bone inducing functional artificial bone and functional bionic artificial bone

food secondly, it depends on the configuration of universal experimental machine. There are two common reasons why hiant digitally simulates the injection molding process: first, the production environment is not healthy; Second, operators do not pay attention to personal hygiene. Industry experts pointed out that some vacuum packaged cooked foods only exhaust the air in the packaging, which does not mean that the vacuum packaged products are sterile products. Only the complete follow-up sterilization process can truly ensure the food quality

vacuum packaging can not guarantee safety

recently, CCTV's investigation column conducted a food safety test on packaged cooked food sold on the market, and some products exceeded the standard of E. coli. Eating cooked food with excessive bacteria and then turning the handwheel will lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, food poisoning and other symptoms

Mazhiying, director of the expert committee of Shanghai Food Association, said that vacuum packaging, box packaging and aluminum foil packaging in the market are all pre packaging. This kind of packaging has a wide variety, which is divided into several kinds of packaging circulating and selling under normal temperature, low temperature and freezing conditions. The safety of food packaging mainly depends on whether to carry out sterilization, sterilization and other steps

in comparison, mazhiying believes that sterile packaging or sterile packaging and other foods are safer and contain less bacteria. The so-called vacuum packaging, nitrogen filled packaging and other packaging methods themselves cannot play a role in sterilization. If there is no sterilization and sterilization procedure, but just exhaust the air, the shelf life of food is actually only a few days. Mazhiying said that some food products in the market will be marked on the package that the product has been subjected to high-temperature disinfection or pasteurization, and consumers can pay attention to the relevant marks on the package

aseptic packaging becomes the development direction

no food production and packaging process can be absolutely sterile. Using antibacterial polymer packaging materials for food packaging can inhibit bacterial pollution, extend the shelf life of food and ensure food safety. Therefore, sterility will become the overall direction of food packaging

aseptic packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged food in a sterile environment by using instant ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. It uses composite materials to package through different forms of extrusion and composite molding. It has the advantages of better maintaining food, extending shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging costs, and easy to realize environmental protection packaging

sterilization helps food packaging

food packaging is an integral part of food commodities. Sterilizer is an important equipment of food packaging, and food sterilization is one of the main projects in the process of food industry. It protects food and prevents the damage of biological, chemical and physical external factors in the circulation of food from leaving the factory to consumers

sterilizing machine is an important equipment in the food packaging industry. The sterilizing machine kills microorganisms on products, packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging AIDS and packaging parts, so as to reduce them to the allowable range. Sterilizer is a continuous sterilization process for fruit and vegetable puree, juice, concentrated juice, milk, fruit juice drinks or similar products. China's food machinery and equipment believes that we should make the best sterilization equipment, help food packaging safety, and make contributions to the food industry

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