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V2 video conference helps business conference "cool house" cope with high temperature

ctiforum news on July 5 (Yang Yi): the weather is hot all at once, and so are all over the country. For business white-collar workers who go out in suits and shoes to participate in various important meetings, interviews and consultations, going out has become a chore. It seems that overnight, everyone is only willing to stay in the air-conditioned room, rather than drive, take a taxi, and go out in the high temperature. The hot weather has also hindered many business meetings, which makes enterprises very anxious. The person in charge of an enterprise said that in high temperature days, as long as you have deployed V2 video conferencing, these are not problems. It's economical to stay in a cool office on a hot day. You can start V2 video conference without leaving home and carry out various lifelike office meetings

whether it's hot or oppressive, using V2 video conference office can provide a cool office environment for business people. In such a relaxed environment, the efficiency of dealing with all kinds of work and holding all kinds of meetings will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Under the existing network conditions, there is no need to buy any extra hardware, just a camera and ear seller. Logging in to V2 video conference, you can hold multi-point concurrent high-definition remote conference. Other remote customers can not only hear smooth and stable voice effects, but also see real-time high-definition videos of other parties. At the same time, V2 video conference has rich data functions, so that participants can watch and modify document data in various formats together, It can also carry out text communication and discussion, watch streaming media files together, browse pages, share programs, record meetings, raise your hand to vote, etc. most of the remote meetings in business office and daily communication problems in different places can achieve perfect cooperation and solution, and white-collar workers can then stay in the office and enjoy the cool instead of long-distance travel

V2 video conference, which ranks first in China's market share, adopts its own patented technology and H.264 encoding and decoding technology, which can reach five levels of cascading to achieve high-definition effect, takes less bandwidth, and the effect of audio and video is clearer and smoother; At the same time, the quality of service (QoS) technology used in V2 video conference can achieve good results as much as possible under the existing conditions; In addition, V2 video conference also adopts advanced multicast technology and information security technology. At present, video and audio communication alone can no longer meet the needs. Video conference system is required to develop in the direction of visual collaborative work platform. V2 video conference can provide video and audio, document, data exchange, collaborative browsing, application sharing and other capabilities, so as to meet the wider application needs of users, such as remote collaborative office, business meeting, remote project management, customer service, technical training Remote consultation, etc. In addition, the background support system based on knowledge management and content management will work more closely with V2 video conference

the characteristics of multimedia video communication, such as good quality and low price, convenience and efficiency, can greatly reduce travel costs, improve green and save office efficiency, make the video conference system more and more infiltrate into the single-chip computer unit connected with the amplifier into the daily work of enterprises and the communication and exchange of foreign cooperation. At the same time, the 7 * 24 hours of V2 video conference and the free upgrade service within a year also make customers feel at ease. Compared with the incompatibility, instability, inability to customize hardware, and the fact that it will no longer be used will become e-waste, V2 video conference is worth more in terms of cost performance and green

the V2 video conference of the world's leading manufacturer said that among their customers are government level application customers such as the State Seismological Bureau, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Ministry of agriculture of China, the Ministry of communications of China, the State Post Office, the Shanghai Information Office, Qingdao merchants residence, China Quality Association, as well as Shougang Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Honda Motor Co., Ltd., China National Petroleum Administration, Coca Cola, Wal Mart, TCL, Jilin amendment pharmaceutical Galanz, Wahaha Group, DHL and other thousands of enterprise level customers, and in the use of these customers, there have never been problems such as being unable to hold meetings or delaying meetings. The informatization director of a large state-owned enterprise also said that as a software manufacturer with 13 years of rich experience and history, the accumulation of V2 video conference for R & D technology and the concentration of market vision can not be achieved by any manufacturer who has been established for 5-6 years. The money spent on purchasing V2 multimedia video system is too valuable

under the current high-temperature baking test, some forward-looking companies have begun to use V2 video conferencing, so that meetings and employees can cool down in the summer. Prices 1 rise and then rise, and easily meet the peak of the summer, which not only improves the morale of employees, but also saves a lot of travel expenses for the company. The level of China's chain production technology and process equipment is close to the international advanced level, such as Coca Cola, Ge, Wal Mart, DHL China Mobile, Chinatelecom, Vodafone, PCCW, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi have improved the activity of heavy metals. Most of the business meetings and collaborative communication work of more than 6000 well-known enterprises, including Panasonic, the people's Bank of China, Pepsi Cola, Lenovo Group, sun, Thailand Zhengda Group and PetroChina, are completed through V2 video conferencing

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