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Vacuum aluminized transfer products have a good effect on cigarette packets

with the revolutionary nature of the tobacco industry 2. The impact of the measurement and control link of experimental machines and the continuous development of reorganization, especially the adoption of the Framework Convention on tobacco control and the implementation of the cleaner production promotion law of the people's Republic of China and the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, the development trend of cigarette packaging is becoming increasingly clear. This makes cigarette packaging enterprises have higher, newer and more urgent goals. Luoyang tobacco Service Center keeps pace with the times, develops and innovates, meets the market demand, and produces a new green environmental friendly cigarette packaging material - vacuum aluminized transfer lining paper, which has been highly praised by many packaging enterprises

I. overall overview of the unit

Luoyang tobacco Service Center is a tertiary industry enterprise of Luoyang cigarette factory. In 2003, it invested more than 20 million yuan in the vacuum laser aluminized paper project, with an annual production of 3500 tons of vacuum aluminized transfer liners and 2000 tons of various vacuum aluminized laser transfer liners, which can meet the demand of more than 1.3 million boxes of cigarette liners. It has eight sets of advanced computer automatic coating machines, vacuum aluminizing machines, laminating machines, laser molding machines and other major production equipment, as well as various supporting testing instruments. The main products are: cigarette transfer lining paper, laser laser gold (silver) paperboard, all kinds of vacuum aluminum coating, anti-counterfeiting marks, and all kinds of pattern laser decorative paper. All products are widely used in cigarette, food, medicine, alcohol, cosmetics, gifts and other packaging fields. In 2004, it was rated as "integrity unit" by Luoyang City; In 2005, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, and the "vacuum aluminized laser holographic transfer paper" was recognized as a high-tech product. Its trademark "lessel" has been accepted and registered by the State Trademark Office. It is the only enterprise with this scale in the province

II. Characteristics and advantages of vacuum aluminized transfer paper

vacuum aluminized transfer paper and transfer laser paperboard are mainly used for tobacco lining packaging and hard packaging. Based on the consumption of about 30 tons of lining paper per 10000 cases, the total demand for lining paper in the industry alone is a huge market. At present, the industry mainly uses composite aluminum foil paper. In recent years, many cigarette factories have taken the use of vacuum aluminized paper on cigarette packs as an important topic. Luoyang cigarette factory has used transfer lining paper on the "big red soft" of Luoyang tobacco in 2004, and Xinzheng tobacco group has put it into use on the "red flag canal" white soft and "red flag canal" red soft since last year. Up to now, more than 800 tons have been applied to the "Hongqiqu" brand of Xinyan group

the initial driving force for the development of vacuum aluminized products is the high cost of aluminum. At the same time, refining aluminum requires a lot of energy. The energy crisis has led to the wide application of vacuum aluminized paper in the packaging field. With the development of technology, the production process of vacuum aluminum plating is becoming more and more mature. Vacuum aluminized transfer paper is a kind of metallic glossy paper. The product has bright color, strong metallic feeling, and bright and elegant prints, which plays a icing on the cake role in beautifying goods. Vacuum aluminized transfer lining paper is different from composite aluminum foil paper. It has the advantages of environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and low cost. It is a kind of green packaging material. Compared with traditional composite aluminum foil paper, vacuum aluminized transfer paper has the following characteristics:

1. Vision and smell. It is estimated that the market will reach 1.9 billion US dollars in 2025. Characteristics

aluminized transfer liner paper is odorless and non-toxic, meets the requirements of food hygiene, has good finish, high smoothness, bright color, bright appearance, strong visual impact, excellent barrier property, and has remarkable moisture-proof and oxidation resistance effects

2. Environmental protection characteristics

in composite products, when the composition of a material is greater than 95%, it can be divided into a single material. The aluminum layer of vacuum aluminized paper is very thin, only 0.025 μ m-0.035 μ m, while the thickness of aluminum layer of calendered aluminum foil paper is 8 μ M-10 μ M. Therefore, vacuum aluminized paper is called a single material, and is considered to have barrier properties of cardboard. After being discarded, the transfer liner paper will be oxidized and decomposed in a relatively short time. Therefore, compared with calendered aluminum foil paper and pet (OPP) composite paper, it not only has the characteristics of good cigarette bag formability, no burst, no deformation, but also has good environmental protection performance

through three groups of experiments, we compared the transfer lining paper with the calendered aluminum foil paper: the first group is the solubility comparison. For the paper of the same size, the alkali solution of the same concentration and dosage, the dissolution time of the transfer paper is 8 minutes, and the dissolution time of the delayed pressing paper is 30 minutes. The second group is the time comparison of degradation in soil. After 3 months, the bottom of the transfer paper sample is completely rotten, and the aluminum layer on the surface has rotted, leaving only sporadic debris. The calendered aluminum foil paper sample is completely rotten, but the surface aluminum foil is intact. The third group is incineration comparison. The transfer paper is completely ashed after incineration and cannot be collected, while the calendered paper is ashed after incineration, and the aluminum foil remains. Through the above comparison, refil also won the best material development award for 3D printing at the 2015 3D printing Europe exhibition held in Berlin. The environmental protection performance of the transfer liner paper is obvious

3. Anti counterfeiting performance

vacuum aluminized transfer paper is easy to be processed by laser holography. The production process of laser transfer paper is complex and high in science and technology, which makes fake and inferior products prohibitive

4. Saving characteristics

transfer lining paper and calendered aluminum foil paper are analyzed from the perspective of saving aluminum. Based on the annual output of 1million cases of cigarettes (the structure is 400000 cases of hard packaging and 600000 cases of soft packaging), 818 tons of aluminum materials are consumed by using calendered aluminum foil paper, while only 10 tons of aluminum materials are consumed by using transfer lining paper, and 808 tons of aluminum materials are saved annually. From the comparison and analysis of the direct material cost of transfer liner paper and calendered aluminum foil paper, the cost of 72g transfer liner paper is 1796.59 yuan lower per ton than 72g calendered aluminum foil paper, a decrease of 16.56%; The cost of 55g transfer liner paper is 3456.22 yuan lower per ton than 55g calendered aluminum foil paper, a decrease of 30%. If the scale is expanded, it will be a new profit growth point of Henan tobacco

III. machine application and market reflection

at present, aluminized paper is mainly used for cigarette inner packaging and hard box outer packaging. The laser transfer paper project of Luoyang tobacco Service Center aims at the industry market, takes into account social needs, and takes the lead in developing cigarette lining paper. Since it was put into production at the end of 2004, it has produced more than 800 tons of cigarette lining paper and nearly 300000 cases of packaged cigarettes

at the initial stage of trial launch, we sent special personnel to cooperate with machine technicians to observe the use. Compared with the rolled aluminum foil paper used in the past, it generally reflects that the machine passes smoothly, has no negative impact on the production efficiency of the equipment, and is better than the aluminum foil composite paper in the machine passing state. Through extensive communication and analysis with the production front-line technicians, it is believed that after studying the cold rolling processing performance of TC6 sheet, the paper transfer makes the paper drive very smoothly on the track with its good surface smoothness. The aluminum layer of aluminized transfer paper is only about 0.03 μ m, which is 1/200-1/300 of the amount of aluminum foil composite paper, that is, the amount of aluminum used is very small. Secondly, it is suitable for high-speed production. It is about 200 packs/minute higher than the cigarette packaging made of aluminum foil composite paper, which improves the aging and saves resources. Except that the monitoring probe of some models needs to be replaced, other models can adapt to it

market information and feedback: at the initial stage of launch in the first half of 2005, the Sales Department of Xinyan group launched quantitative and fixed-point launch in the region. The salesperson cooperates with us to understand the sales situation and the feedback of consumers. The use of transfer liner paper to pack cigarettes has attracted the attention of the majority of consumers, and the majority of smokers have found that the inner packaging is "prettier" than before; At the same time, we have widely publicized with the help of relevant media. This product is an environmental friendly material that meets the needs of the country and the market. Environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting, beauty, degradation and recycling are its biggest features. Through publicity and information feedback from sales staff, our transfer liner paper has won a good social reputation after it was put on the market

IV. development prospects

due to the above characteristics, vacuum aluminized transfer paper has a good market prospect. The promotion and use of transfer paper has become a general trend, and will bring a revolution to the tobacco packaging industry. The laser aluminized paper project prepared by Luoyang tobacco Service Center has become the first enterprise in Henan Province to produce vacuum aluminized laser holographic transfer paper, filling the gap in the production of green packaging materials in Henan Province

at present, the state proposes to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The relevant national departments take stock of the situation and the relevant provincial departments respond quickly by replacing the aluminum foil composite lining paper with the transfer of aluminum plated lining paper. In addition, the tobacco processing enterprises in the province are or have been re integrated to form large tobacco groups, so the project has a very broad space for development. As the first holographic transfer paper enterprise of the tobacco system in Henan Province, Luoyang tobacco Service Center insists on taking green and environmental protection products as the leading role, and provides high-quality products and good after-sales services for cigarette factories

although the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, some enterprises have not been able to promote it as a whole, which may be due to the lag of the concept. Xinyan group and other tobacco enterprises took the lead in widely using new environmentally friendly packaging materials - transfer lining paper, which will play a positive role in promoting the application of environmentally friendly packaging materials in the tobacco industry

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