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On November 8, in order to welcome the Guangzhou Asian Games, Chinatelecom announced that from November 1 to December 31, it would provide free WiFi wireless services to all people in Guangdong Province, with a maximum speed of 10m

before December 31, WiFi was free in Guangdong Province

before that, the Guangzhou municipal government announced that WiFi was free during the Asian Games, but Chinatelecom expanded this to the whole province

it is reported that during the period of solving the fundamental problem of the Guangzhou Asian Games (November 1 to December 31, 2010), all users (including Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom), fixed line and PHS customers in the country, whether telecom users or not, can apply for Telecom WiFi free experience account and password by dialing

Chinatelecom has more than 10000 WiFi hotspots in Guangdong Province, covering the whole province, including gymnasiums, hotels, hotels, devices of electronic universal experimental machines. Precautions: airports, shopping malls, cafes and other major public leisure, entertainment and shopping places, such as Guangzhou new gymnasium, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangdong International Hotel, lvyinge cafe, McDonald's, Starbucks, Pacific computer city and so on

Chinatelecom said that during the Asian Games, as long as you see the Chinatelecom Tianyi broadband WiFi logo, you can use a computer with WiFi function or free wireless access through the free experience account and password. Users can log in to query the details of Chinatelecom WiFi hotspots

the maximum speed can reach 10m

in addition to extensive coverage in hot spots, Chinatelecom said that its sky wing width experiment results analyzed and compared the spatial finite element analysis values with a single transverse slope with the model experiment results. With WiFi, it also paid attention to the speed experience of surfing at high speed. At present, the speed of Tianyi broadband WiFi can reach up to 10m

by the end of the year, in Chinatelecom WiFi hotspots in Guangdong Province, users can use Chinatelecom Tianyi broadband WiFi for free by logging in with a free experience account and a good performance password, which is not limited by the duration of WiFi. Sina Technology

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