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According to the news on August 20, Yuanchuan Telecom plans to expand the scale of APP software store, which requires manual operation, and encourages developers to invest in smart TV application development, from tablet computers to the TV market. At the beginning of this week, Yuanchuan will be preparing to publish a new audio-visual service, which can be used across, flat panel and TV

Yuanchuan Telecom held a developer conference last week to call for more local developers to join Yuanchuan s market, its app software store. Representatives of foreign developers such as line, angrybird and UC browser were invited to Taiwan to share app promotion and operation experience with local developers and gather domestic app development communities

it is reported that Yuanchuan holds competitions every year to encourage local app development, but this year's competition has specially increased the smarttvapp project, requiring developers to develop apps for Android platform that I think can't be done in a lifetime. It is suitable for 28 to 60 Inch TVs, and uses remote controls to interact at a distance of 3 meters to lock in the smart TV market

Chen Liren, deputy general manager of Yuanchuan telecom product development department, said that tablet computers have driven the app market. Although the use situation of TVs with network functions is different from that of tablets, and they are not popular enough now, one reason for smart TVs in the future is that they are increasingly used in the development of cutting-edge products and processes, and the demand for related applications will increase

in fact, at present, smart TVs launched by manufacturers have built-in special functions. The traditional simple watching TV has been expanded to more applications, such as video calls with Skype, opening browsers, logging into Facebook social networking sites, children's audio books, etc. these smart TVs either directly have built-in special applications, or open users to download apps and add new functions to widgets

Chen Liren said that at present, it has been adopted in the market to ensure that it can work normally. Although the multimedia set-top box launched by Android can be connected to the TV to download and install the app, at present, androidapp is developed for smart or tablet computers with small screens and personal use as the target terminals, resulting in poor user experience for consumers. The development of TV applications is encouraged through competitions, not by quantity, We hope to launch 10 to 12 sophisticated smart TV applications by the end of this year

at present, the plan has achieved preliminary results. Next week, Yuanchuan is preparing to publish a new audio-visual service, which can be used across platforms, tablets and TVs, and provide consumers with cross platform audio-visual services. In order to promote the popularity of this service, Yuanchuan has negotiated the possibility of cooperation with set-top box and smart TV manufacturers

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