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Selling insurance is getting worse and worse. Ping An insurance has been complained repeatedly.

have you ever had such an experience? Busy at hand, insurance salesmen suddenly came uninvited, and some people even received several such cases a day. Regardless of other people's needs and feelings, such disrespectful marketing makes people very disgusted. Some people say that insurance salesmen can't avoid it, which is simply a kind of harassment

the promotion of insurance has become increasingly fierce

in the past year, viewers have repeatedly reported to CCTV's "focus interview" column that they often receive sales calls from insurance companies and are very upset

Wang Xiaojian is a salesperson of a company. Because he is engaged in sales, he is afraid to miss the customers' electricity. Chinaplas, the world's second largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition, will hold a grand speech at the China Import and export commodities exchange exhibition hall in Pazhou, Guangzhou on May 20 (2) 3, but insurance salesmen often call at work or in meetings, leaving him helpless

such sales promotion by insurance companies has aroused the disgust of many people, but this phenomenon has intensified in recent years. Therefore, CCTV "focus interview" decided to conduct an interview and investigation

there are many information about recruiters of insurance companies on the Internet, and I got in touch with one of them. The next morning, I came to an office of Ping An insurance company in Beijing Huantai building to apply

a business supervisor named sunyuechao told: "The company will provide employees with a specific number segment. Usually, the salesperson needs to invite customers, that is, to call unfamiliar customers. If the other party is a Ping An customer, he will invite them to participate in some activities such as financial management lectures. The salesperson will wait for an opportunity to promote insurance products to customers during the lectures. If the customer successfully purchases the insurance products, the salesperson will get a certain commission. If the performance is excellent, he will get twoorthree yuan a month No problem. "

sun yuechao introduced that everyone in the insurance company started as an invitation clerk, "I played for two months, and an average of 20 customers a month."

led by sun yuechao, he came to another office building next to Huantai building. Sun yuechao rented a flat of about 80 square meters here and divided it into two rooms. The inner room is sun yuechao's own office, and the outer room is where the clerk works. In the narrow space, 16 seats are designed, and the working space of each member is less than half a square meter. There is almost nothing left on the desktop except a book and a notebook. Their job is to keep fighting

disturbing sales need to be supervised.

according to the person in charge of the CIRC, marketing is a marketing method introduced from abroad. In recent years, because of its convenience and low cost, it was quickly adopted by various insurance companies. However, marketing belongs to the category of direct selling, and it is easy to disturb residents

in 2008, there were more and more complaints about disturbing residents through marketing. To this end, the CIRC specially issued the notice on promoting the standardized development of the marketing business of life insurance companies. According to the regulations, insurance companies must file with the local CIRC for marketing; It should have a special outbound call number for marketing and publicize it on national media; The center shall be equipped with computer system, call system, recording system, customer information management system, real-time monitoring system and other operational infrastructure; The call out time should be strictly managed, and special personnel should be set to regularly check the sales process records; Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and customers should make records to avoid causing nuisance to customers again

the situation seen in Ping An insurance Huantai marketing service department obviously does not belong to formal marketing. They dial out, there is no dedicated call out number, there is no predetermined target customer group, and there is no customer information management system. At the same time, there are also obvious differences in content between this kind of insurance direct selling and formal insurance direct selling. Insurance direct selling can directly enter the insurance company system through direct signing. Informal insurance promotion is often the personal behavior of salespersons. They can't sign in. Therefore, c/c matrix composites have great development prospects in aerospace manufacturing industry. In the name of listening to lectures and giving gifts, customers can be coaxed to their office location, and then look for opportunities to sell a variety of insurance products

Ping An insurance company has been repeatedly complained about selling insurance

in the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, we see that Ping An insurance company is the most complained by users because of selling insurance. On the Internet, we searched the post of "marketing disturbing residents", and this enterprise was the most named. In the past few years, although the insurance agent of this company has been widely criticized for disturbing residents, so far, the number of insurance agents in the name of "Ping An insurance" has not decreased at all

what should you do if you encounter such harassment? The attitude of the regulatory authorities is clear. The CIRC requires that "in the case that the customer expressly refuses to insure, the salesperson shall not continue to promote to the customer and interfere with the normal work and life of the customer." If the salesperson misleads the consumer bank in the process of insurance sales, or believes that his own rights and interests have been infringed, he can directly report and complain to the local insurance regulatory bureau

legal and compliant operation is the most basic and important principle of insurance enterprises. If insurance companies use such means to carry out marketing business, it will not only harass customers, but also damage their own image. Qilu Evening News

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