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Teledyne DALSA launched boa IDR products at the Chicago Automation Exhibition

Teledyne DALSA participated in the 2011 Automation Exhibition held at the Chicago McCormick Convention and Exhibition Center on March. In this exhibition, the company introduced a new boa ID, and then from the process control of single 1 to the automation of all factories to complete the target r product of non-contact detection of objects according to the change of attenuation. This product is very suitable for the identification, tracking and judgment of parts and components, Targeted for automotive, electronics, packaging and pharmaceutical industries

steve Geraghty, product director of Teledyne DALSA IPD, said: boa IDR is a cheap solution, which is widely applicable to recognition and quality control. As an image-based ID reader, it not only provides powerful recognition and reading ability of one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, but also provides the function of character learning and template matching tools. Users can combine these tools to meet various recognition and judgment needs

many industries use QR code technology to track products in the assembly process of products or the whole life cycle of products. For example, in the automotive industry, QR code tracking technology is used to prevent errors and ensure that products are assembled in the correct order; In the pharmaceutical industry, the drug supervision code must be tracked throughout the supply chain to ensure the safety of users. The printing quality inspection on the packaging of these products is also very important for the readability of products in the future. Boa IDR provides these functions. At the same time, it allows manufacturers to jointly complete product tracking in combination with other inspection items, such as character recognition and reading, which can ensure that all products have consistent and readable labels when leaving the factory

boa IDR features and advantages include:

1 Functions of product tracking, recognition and grading based on bar codes, characters and templates:

① verify and read QR codes, such as data matrix, Pdf code and QR code

② verify and read the one-dimensional bar code on the label and package

③ verify and read the printed characters on the label and parts

④ verify and identify the patterns on the products and parts that have a large buffer effect on the strong impact

a IDR can be accessed to the existing network of the factory by too

3. User management control helps the company pass CFR Part 11 certification

4. Realize remote detection and monitoring through Ethernet

5 Provide detailed information and traceable information through historical logs during the manufacturing process

6 With IP67 protection grade

7 But is the prospect of external graphene really so good? Light source direct connection

about Teledyne DALSA's machine vision products and services:

Teledyne DALSA is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and R & D of digital image components in the machine vision market. Teledyne DALSA's image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, image capture cards, software and vision solutions have been successfully applied in tens of thousands of automated detection systems around the world, including semiconductors, solar panels, flat panel displays, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging and general manufacturing industries. For details, please visit the website:

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