Personal protection against the hottest lightning

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Personal protection against lightning and electric shock

the electrical equipment, buildings and structures of power systems such as power plants, substations and transmission lines are installed with lightning protection as perfect as possible, so that the following will introduce to you the threat of the use environment of concrete pressure testing machine to electrical equipment and workers is greatly reduced. Considering the operation characteristics of power system, the particularity of staff and people's normal life, and according to the experience of lightning and electric shock accident analysis, we must also pay attention to the protection of lightning and electric shock to protect and ensure personal safety

(1) when the lightning is qualified in one assembly, the staff of the power plant substation should try to avoid approaching the outdoor power distribution device that is easy to be struck by lightning

the patrol inspection should be carried out according to the specified route. When inspecting high-voltage outdoor power distribution devices, you should wear insulating shoes and should not be close to lightning rods and arresters

(2) in case of lightning, it is forbidden to carry out maintenance and test work on outdoor and indoor overhead lead-in lines. If such work is being done, it should be stopped immediately and evacuated from the site


(3) in case of lightning, outdoor high-altitude maintenance and test work, outdoor high-altitude live work and equipotential work shall be prohibited

(4) for the operation and maintenance personnel of transmission and distribution lines, it is strictly prohibited to switch over and replace the fuse in case of lightning

(5) in case of thunderstorm, non staff should try to reduce going out. If you encounter thunderstorms when working outside, you should stop working on the high-voltage line and enter the following places nearby for temporary shelter:

1) there are lightning protection equipment, or there are wide metal frames or wide buildings

2) cars with metal roof and metal body, closed metal containers, etc

3) streets shielded by buildings or highways shielded by tall trees, but it is better to leave 8m away from walls and trunks

after entering the above places, do not lean against the wall, car body and tree trunk

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