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Honeywell process control: persistence and innovation under the "new normal"

as a barometer of the development of listed enterprises, it accounted for 29% of the global market in 2012, and the stock price is undoubtedly an important measure. Honeywell's share price has seen a huge jump in the past few decades. In 2003, Honeywell embarked on the road of change with a share price of $24, but today, this figure has reached more than $100. Honeywell has successfully achieved the transformation from twilight to vitality, and has become one of the world's greatest technology enterprises

the brilliant success comes from the joint efforts of its business departments, including Honeywell process control department. On April 10, Honeywell process control department held a new meeting. The meeting was arranged in a restaurant with green shade and water. The familiar faces and relaxed atmosphere made people feel a long lost intimacy

solve problems and continue to pay attention to the high growth market

as the protagonist of this meeting, the guests of Honeywell process control department delivered a speech at the meeting. The theme of the speech was concise and comprehensive, winning the new normal. Opening the lecture book carefully prepared by the speaker, Honeywell's purpose quickly came into view: we focus on solving the most challenging problems faced by customers worldwide

Honeywell has a development history of more than 100 years and is an industry pioneer in providing automatic control systems, instruments and services worldwide. Wang Chunwen, global vice president of Honeywell process control department and general manager of China, knows Honeywell's development process well. He said that Honeywell's business, products and services are committed to solving major global problems, such as energy efficiency and clean energy power generation, rapid urbanization and resource development, and the safety, productivity and connectivity of people, factories, assets and data. He vividly compared Honeywell to a century old store, which has undergone major changes in the decades after the millennium

thanks to Honeywell's corporate philosophy of facing difficulties and the rapid development of its business in high growth regions around the world, Honeywell's turnover outside the United States has increased from 40% decades ago to about 50% today. Taking China as an example, Wang Chunwen expressed Honeywell's emphasis on high growth areas: Honeywell has about one tenth of its employees working in China, with a total of about 12000, including about 2000 scientists who focus on research and development in order to show the highest level of aluminum material development in the world

the reason why Wang Chunwen called them scientists is that they focus on the creation of science out of nothing: our scientists focus on innovation and on turning non-existent things into real products, technologies and applications. These scientists are the driving force behind Honeywell's problem solving, continuous innovation and rapid growth

up to now, not only Honeywell, but also China has become the largest single market outside the mainland, including many international enterprises. According to Wang Chunwen, Honeywell, which has created miracles in the past few decades, has many characteristics different from other enterprises: Gao Dewei, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, has sharp vision to apply it to the development strategy of China and even the world

improve quality and efficiency business development three pillars

three pillars, which is familiar to most Chinese people, has extraordinary significance in Honeywell's eyes

Honeywell CEO Gao Dewei once said: just like the tripod in ancient China, Honeywell's business model also has three important supports: a super and flexible portfolio, a focus on internal processes and a cohesive corporate culture. Our success over the past ten years is largely due to our long-term commitment to doing the right thing and focusing on our business model

at this media meeting, Wang Chunwen also emphasized this view again

Honeywell process control department has been continuously promoting the strategy of serving the East (e4e), serving the world (E2R) and becoming a Chinese style competitor (BCC) in China. Among them, orient serves Orient, that is, to conceive, design and sell in a local way in China, so as to help solve the challenges faced by Chinese customers; Serving the world, orient will promote Honeywell's China creation to serve the world, and actively work together with leading Chinese enterprises to go global; Becoming a Chinese style competitor means that Honeywell's products, services, innovation and decisions all come from localization, so as to become a Chinese style competitor

Wang Chunwen has a unique sense of anxiety for managers about the future: we will continue to focus on consumers. If we fail to meet the requirements of consumers in terms of quality, product delivery, new products and project delivery, our employees and investors will not be successful. He concluded that the employees of Honeywell are different. Our success can not be separated from the appropriate organization of employees, and we are committed to providing the best service to customers. The success of customers is our success

persistent innovation is a technological weapon under the new situation

maintaining stable growth is an unavoidable topic on the growth path of enterprises and even countries. It can improve the comprehensive strength of cutting-edge science and technology in China. In Honeywell's view, growth has a seemingly simple means: continuous innovation

using world-class solutions for innovation is a continuous driving force to promote internal and external growth. Wang Chunwen said that the current old-fashioned development model characterized by labor and resource intensity is no longer in line with the development trend, and China must look for new development drivers: with aging and urbanization, China no longer has a surplus of labor, economic development needs to rely on the improvement of the quality and efficiency of human resources, and economic growth should be driven by innovation

in his view, there is still excessive investment in traditional industries, but we also face a lot of investment opportunities in new technologies, new products and new business models. When it comes to this, Wang Chunwen changed the subject: for Honeywell, innovation lies in how to apply new technologies to our solutions and global infrastructure

when it comes to innovative technology, we have to mention a product launched by Honeywell for high growth markets: plantcruise. It is understood that plantcruise launched by Honeywell in China can be widely used in chemical, metallurgical, steel, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, and can ensure the long-term stable operation of the plant. Honeywell can help customers obtain higher return on investment through more effective project implementation, faster delivery and long-term customer service

the innovative, flexible and value driven industries in the western region are the key factors of China's new growth engine. Wang Chunwen continued that through in-depth understanding of local customer needs, Honeywell can use plantcruise to provide Chinese innovators with powerful and more scalable DCS solutions

for innovation, Wang Chunwen is full of emotion: we must strive to pursue change every day. The world is changing every day. If we have never changed ourselves, then we have to undergo disruptive changes in the future in order to adapt to the development of the new society

Honeywell, which has created brilliant miracles in the past decades, has maintained a keen sense of market and a positive spirit of innovation even today when it has developed steadily, which has been shown in Honeywell's strategies at different stages: from practicing the localization strategy of the East serving the east to the global localization growth strategy of the East serving the world, And then become a Chinese competitor and even a global market challenger with strong global competitiveness. All these make people look forward to the future development of Honeywell. What will happen tomorrow? We will wait and see

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