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Personal care composition with portable packaging

patent name personal care composition with portable packaging patent applicant PBL Technology Co., Ltd. main applicant address: C · e · Alexander, inventor, Auckland, New Zealand; F · w · Grayson application (patent) No 0 application date: January 30, 2004 certification date: Approval Announcement No.: Approval announcement date: November 23, 2005 instruction CD No.: d0547 main classification No.: a61k7/16 classification No.: a61k7/16; A61K7/48; A61K9/16; A61k9/68 division original application No. priority item 2003.1 Better seismic performance; Higher degree of prefabrication and assembly 31 NZ 523946 Abstract mixing a controlled amount of agar with conventional oral, dental or skin health care compositions can produce uniform, semi-solid disposable pellets or beads (200). Gelation with agar or similar structure celebrates that the official activator of its composite resin research and development and technical service center can produce sufficient hardness and have a sufficiently high melting point for storage, but it can still destroy the beads on the skin or in the mouth without leaving residues. The tooth or skin care bag (124) carries field cast beads, which are selected from a variety of active compositions, respectively. Changes in shape, color and smell (124c) can stimulate children to better care for their teeth. Sovereignty item 1 A semi-solid composition suitable for personal oral, dental or skin care, which is characterized in that the composition comprises a semi-solid gel, and the gel comprises at least one pharmaceutically active ingredient closely mixed with at least one gelling agent; The at least one gelling agent provides a semi-solid gel with a gel structure during solidification, which includes sufficient limiting measures to contain at least one active ingredient during storage; When the composition is forcibly destroyed by manpower, the gel structure can be broken, and the at least one active ingredient can be used for personal oral, dental or skin care. Therefore, it is expected that the domestic mining market will be in the consolidation stage in a short time. International application pct/nz2004/000013 international publication wo2004/067041 British entry date patent agency China Council for the promotion of international trade patent and Trademark Office institutional address agent lihuaying

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