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AI, Lenovo's persistence and wild hope

AI, Lenovo's persistence and wild hope

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original JIS ⑵ 0212 Title: AI, Lenovo's persistence and wild hope

from Siri to alpha, after nearly 10 years of development, people are very familiar with AI. In the past two years, the implementation of intelligence + in all walks of life has pushed the development of artificial intelligence to new peaks one after another. Especially after the major players further expanded the scale of IOT deployment, more industries and enterprises achieved rapid innovation with the help of AI technology. The landing of 5g has brought a broad imagination space to the development of AI technology. The McKinsey report shows that with the progress of science and technology, as many as 800million jobs in the world will be replaced by automated robots by 2030, and many jobs will disappear

from this point of view, a new society driven by AI technology is gradually taking shape, "Those who win AI win the world" is no longer a joke. Therefore, many technology enterprises have increased AI. Google and Amazon have been making efforts abroad for a long time, and Baidu has entered the domestic market with a high profile. In terms of AI technology, there is also a well-known enterprise: Lenovo.

Lenovo has always given users the impression that it is the king of PC, sometimes inexplicably used by marketing numbers to make chips with Huawei "It's hot. But in terms of AI technology, Lenovo has the advantages that Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers do not have. It has completed its layout in a low-key manner and embarked on the international stage.

insiders know that the rapid development of AI technology is mainly due to breakthroughs in computing power, big data and algorithms, which promote the wide application of AI technology to all industries. Lenovo is one of the few giants that can make unified use of data, computing power and intelligent elements of algorithms. In Commercial IOT equipment, communication network resources, big data platforms and other fields also have strong technical reserve advantages. These accumulations have formed a strong joint force, allowing Lenovo to open up a path of artificial intelligence

for example, in terms of data, Lenovo has the most extensive terminal product portfolio in the world, with more than 500 million intelligent devices, 9 data centers, more than 3000 servers, and a total data capacity of 16pb, which forms Lenovo's inherent advantages in big data mining and analysis; In addition, Lenovo currently has the largest manufacturing enterprise data cluster in China. In terms of computing power, Lenovo has the leading supercomputing construction ability, which can provide strong computing power guarantee for the development of data intelligence business

in terms of algorithms, Lenovo has built an enterprise artificial intelligence private cloud platform, which integrates data processing, algorithm model development and supply, computing resource management and application services. It can combine data with the knowledge, experience and processes of various industries, and form an intelligent solution covering the development, deployment, operation and maintenance of artificial intelligence

the development of any technology cannot be separated from the support of talents. At present, the cultivation of AI talents is mostly in the primary stage. Lenovo has also spared no effort in AI talent training and introduction. In 2017, Lenovo held the "AI in China · AI elite challenge in Lenovo universities", which covers many fields, such as intelligent medical treatment, intelligent monitoring, behavior recognition, cloud computing and big data. Through this competition, Lenovo has explored a large number of AI talents and cutting-edge technology, which has stimulated the scientific research and innovation strength of Chinese youth, and increased the reserve force for China's AI cause. In addition, Lenovo has successfully helped commercialize excellent projects in combination with the needs of the AI industry and Lenovo's own resources

in terms of investment layout of AI, Lenovo has also fully proved its keen insight in AI technology that the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are mainly domestic manufacturing equipment. The recently released "2019 artificial intelligence industry Unicorn Top50" shows that Cambrian and Kuangshi technology were selected as "artificial intelligence industry unicorn", and aibee was selected as "artificial intelligence industry quasi unicorn". These are enterprises invested by Lenovo venture capital, covering machine vision, AI chips, ai+ retail and other important AI technologies. Especially in the Cambrian, it was the first AI chip company in the world to successfully roll out and have mature products. It has the advantages of two product lines: terminal AI processor IP and cloud high-performance AI chips. These enterprises have injected new vitality into the stable growth and momentum of Jiaozuo. The AI field has core technology and competitiveness, has the ability to integrate with the industry, and has carried out full practice to help industrial upgrading and reform, which will comprehensively help Lenovo further seize the AI era

the efforts of early entrants such as Lenovo have not been in vain. Taking Lenovo's AI landing project in Changzhou as an example, Lenovo has helped a Shanghai Iron and steel group establish a smart supply chain through its big data platform, i.e. related AI solutions, saving nearly 10 million costs every year. In terms of smart medicine, e-health intelligent medical image aided diagnosis solution can achieve effective early diagnosis and treatment of tumors while reducing the missed diagnosis rate of tumors

in the future, artificial intelligence will be integrated into human society in an unprecedented way. At that time, artificial intelligence will become a ubiquitous infrastructure, which will have a far-reaching impact on human beings like electricity and interconnection. The report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that by 2030, the contribution of artificial intelligence to the global economy will be as high as $15.7 trillion. At present, the United States accounts for 9 and China for 4 of the top 20 cities in the number of AI enterprises in the world. As Lenovo and other Chinese enterprises play an increasingly important role in the AI field, the technological competition pattern in the AI era may change dramatically

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