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Wine packaging: personalization and technological renovation

personalized performance of Chinese wine packaging

it is predicted that Chinese wine packaging will develop in the direction of personalization in the future, mainly in packaging materials, bottle types and design concepts

first, the packaging materials are abundant, the bottle shape is variable, and the integration with the world trend is enhanced. From a worldwide perspective, the packaging of wine is no longer limited to plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags and other materials. In the future, China's wine packaging will also be increasingly rich in packaging materials. For example, the outer box packaging made of composite paper materials and equipped with colors will be more favored. Moreover, on the basis of the standard bottle type, the packaging bottle will have detailed differential changes, which will be reflected in the details of the bottle height, bottle mouth, bottle diameter and so on

second, wine with reduced volume and soft packaging may be popular in small areas. The advantage of small capacity of flexible packaging mainly lies in its convenience. It can not only meet the needs of beauty loving women to drink a small amount every day, but also meet the needs of the rural market for "low price", and can directly supply consumers and efficiently cover terminals

third, the design is more humanized, and special packaging is becoming popular. For example, theme packaging for different gender consumer groups, different consumer occasions, special packaging for different sales channels, fashion packaging with different consumer preferences, and so on

wine packaging technology is renovated quickly

this year, wine packaging technology is renovated rapidly. Fulong wine in Australia recently launched its patented packaging products. The cork is not cork, but made of special materials. There are many invisible holes on it, which can let the wine breathe naturally. Experts predict that this kind of cork is an innovation for wine enterprises to break through the tradition. Due to its many advantages, more similar products will appear in the market

some enterprises have launched seamless cans of wine, special materials made of screwing boxes with taps, etc., which are easy to open products. Hong Kong Hutchison wine industry has made a big fuss on packaging, putting forward the slogan of "revolutionary packaging, keeping freshness until the last cup". Hutchison wine adopts a unique bottle liner design, which can isolate the contact with the air after opening the package. The opening method of the faucet can ensure that after each opening, it can be sealed in time to keep the taste of the wine fresh

toyratlmagery, a packaging design company in Sonoma County, California, has established an aluminum bottle consortium, which is expected to launch a new wine packaging concept, aluminum wine bottle, to the market soon. Aluminum was once considered as a low-end packaging material, but aluminum packaging is popular in the beer industry. So far, there is no wine bottle made of aluminum in the world

A director of toyratimagery believes that their aluminum wine bottles will definitely cause a big shock in the wine industry. New aluminum manufacturing technology has made aluminum into any size and shape. In the future, aluminum wine bottles will not be as light and thin as many soda cans. They are high-end products that can replace plastic, cartons and other alternative packaging. Of course, compared with glass bottles, the biggest advantage of aluminum bottles is that they are not easy to break. At present, the company is cooperating with various experts to develop aluminum wine bottles with standard bottle shape and size

in recent years, the carton wine market has developed rapidly. At present, carton wine in the UK market has accounted for 8.3% of the light wine market, with a temperature fluctuation of no more than ± 0.5 ℃ for 7 years, an increase of 48% over 19910 hours. A Blackie Valley wine company, located in the picturesque moky valley of New South Wales, Australia, which is one of Australia's sixth largest red wine producers, has developed 250ml cartons of wine. This unique practical packaging can completely block oxygen, so as to ensure its freshness and flavor, prevent the decline of wine quality, and extend the shelf life of wine, which is deeply loved by consumers. In addition, this kind of package is also easy to store and not easy to break, which is very convenient and ideal for barbecues, picnics, parties, etc. This novel packaging will win good sales for the company's wine. Gallo also launched the first batch of cartons of wine

polyester bottle packed wines are increasingly appearing in the European market and have been recognized by some consumers. Wes50hz bridge (Canada) is a professional manufacturer of polyester bottles. They are confident in the market prospect of packaging wine with polyester bottles. Over the past year, the company's 2-liter packaged wine has been on trial sale, and all aspects of the response have exceeded expectations. The test confirmed that the polyester bottle basically prevents oxygen from penetrating during the storage time of about one year. The test of 2-liter bottle confirmed that in one year, the oxygen transmission rate of less than 10ppm was detected in the controlled shelf, which was far less than 500ppm under normal storage conditions. In addition, the mold cost of producing small batches of glass bottles is almost 10 times that of polyester bottles. Merchants have little choice of bottle shape and color for the packaging of different products. Polyester bottles can be processed in a small batch of 50000 such as quantitative. If millions of bottles are processed annually, the mold cost is very low (a total of 10000-13000 US dollars). Wine packaged in glass bottles has many "shortcomings" that are difficult to overcome by itself, such as inconvenient to carry, fragile, etc. if PET packaging is used, there will be no trouble in this regard

aluminum bottle: new packaging for wine packaging

more and more high-end wines use heavier glass bottles to show the luxurious wine consumption concept of their consumer groups. At the same time, more high-quality wines facing the mass market use 3-liter boxed and independently packaged plastic and aluminum packaging to convey a convenient and approachable consumption concept to consumers

according to the latest sales data, there are a wide variety of new packaging materials to replace the traditional 750 ml glass bottles, which are eye opening. According to the latest survey statistics of food, medicine and alcohol stores released by AC Nielsen, the total sales of 3-liter wine has increased by 42.5% since September 2005, while the sales of traditional packaged wine have increased by 7% since 2017; The annual sales volume of wine packaged in 187 ml independent plastic bottles increased by 16.3%

several decades ago, the wine packed in spiral cover boxes has been sold to the public. Wine marketing experts believe that today's wine packaging is no different from the past, but the quality of wine is constantly improving. The reason is mainly due to the variety of wine and the different consumption ideas conveyed by different packaging methods

in 2003, black box wines sold three liter cases of 2001 Napa Valley Chardonnay at a retail price of $25, equivalent to $6.25 per bottle of traditional bottled wine. This has opened up a new market share for boxed wines with retail prices of $16 to $20. Subsequently, the same measures were taken by Australia's hardy stamp series and the Boda of delicto in Napa Valley

in 2005, beringers and Fetzer vineyards introduced 187 ml plastic bottle packaging. Relevant people predict that building energy conservation is also an important part of various concerns. Aluminum bottle packaging is likely to be popular in 1006: CCL container in Pennsylvania and exal packaging in Ohio have been constantly asked about the possibility of developing aluminum bottle wine packaging similar to beer and energy drink packaging. Icosar is now working with the company of gay rat image of geyserville to jointly commit to the project named "aluminum bottle Consortium"

tincknell wine marketing company in heldsburg once participated in the market operation of black box company. He is cooperating with local wineries to study the use of independent aluminum bottles to hold wine. Paul said that aluminum bottled wine is expected to enter the market within this year

compared with traditional glass bottle packaging, aluminum bottle packaging is light in weight and low in cost. Six colors can be printed from the bottle body to the bottleneck. The mold needed to make glass bottles costs up to $50000, while the cost of making aluminum bottles is much lower

the primary problems that wine manufacturers need to solve now are the oxygen penetration of plastic bottles and the change of production line for changing aluminum bottles

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