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When the standard orifice and differential pressure transmitter are put into use on site, it often happens that the zero display of the on-site transmitter is below zero, which causes the above reasons. We need to focus on the following places to check:

1, the positive pressure pipeline of the pressure lead pipe of the balance orifice flowmeter is blocked or leaked, This situation normally occurs when the copolymerization performance and wax content of the catalyst are better than those of the imported catalyst Z501 gas, so the pressure tapping pipeline of the transmitter should be dredged regularly

2, the high and low impulse pipes of the transmitter are connected reversely, which generally does not occur. It is generally caused by the installation error of the on-site process personnel.

3 but the instrument can directly quantify the feeling. The fluid direction in the process pipe is opposite, and the mechanical equipment of the standard orifice and the straight pipe section are essentially the same

4, the transmitter itself fails, mainly because it has not been calibrated before leaving the factory

in view of the above problems, the equipment manager checks. The following mainly introduces the main solutions:

for the blockage of the pressure tapping pipe of the balance orifice flowmeter, flush it with external air source, or replace it directly; For the device with reverse wiring, rotate the transmitter head by 180 degrees and reinstall it. (end)

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