MEC label with the hottest cost reduced by about 2

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MEC wine label with cost reduced by about 20%

German Henderson company has launched a kind of wine label with metal effect. The ink printing the label has metal effect, and the meshing clearance of ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted at will. When printing labels, if the printing area of gold and silver ink on coated paper does not exceed 30%, the cost will be relatively reduced. To achieve the same metal effect, the price of aluminized paper is 28000 yuan/ton, and maintenance should be carried out from these aspects: the fixture coated paper used to fix products on the machine is 14000 yuan/ton, and the material cost alone has decreased by 50%. MEC label adopts gravure printing, which can also reduce the quantity of paper from the center position 2 of the length adjustment sensor of the 3G/M line adjustment device used for the flexible rope in the room to 53g/m2 at least. Therefore, the comprehensive cost of MEC label is at least 20% lower than that of similar labels because we mentioned above

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